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Top Things You Should Know About Minoxidil before Using

Today almost all men facing the issue of hair fall and this is due to many reasons. Even people use lots of medicine and household remedies to stop hair fall but nothing happens. Now in the market, you can explore the Minoxidil drug it is the combination of two FDP approved the drug which helps in the stop of hair fall. This medicine comes into two forms as a foam and topical solution. It does not come in the eatable form as it affects the health of the man instead of a particular area.

The problem of hair fall is very common and even today young boys also facing the same issue. This hair fall makes them bigger than their age and feels very awkward. Sometimes due to this problem men start losing their confidence and get back. This is not good for their career and future and it is the reason Minoxidil has been gaining popularity among men.

This will reduce the baldness of men and gave them heavy hairs with a smart look. For this, you should use solutions twice a day. You must start using the drug early means with the starting of hair fall. We all know that every medicine has an advantage and disadvantage. But the medicine is very effective for men. Within a few months, you will start seeing the result and would feel happy. 

Method of working Minoxidil 

When the medicine was originally invented it was blood pressure medication and it is in eatable form. When people eat the medicine then they explore that hair growth takes place in another part of the body. This proved that this drug will helps in growing the hair when it is taken as topically form. 

The drug helps in hair loss treatment and also helps in extending the growth of hair. According to the studies, the cycle of hair growth of each hair and grows for 1000 days before it starts falling. Today all things are not natural and which creates a hair fall issue. But now the drug is invented in the form of foam so when men use it helps in flowing blood flow and increases the size of hair. 

Minoxidil is the medicine that stimulates the follicle movement and regrowth hair. When a man starts with hair fall issue then their hair follicles become short, fine, and delicate. This makes hair fall at high speed whenever they wash or comb their hair even style with hands. It has also overseen that this issue of hair arrives after puberty as it is related to the sex hormones and androgens. In the men’s problem of hair fall occurs the front side of the forehead and around the crown of the headline. 

The medicine arrives in two concentration two percent and five percent. Two percent is for women who have hair fall issues and five percent for men. This is due to growth and hair fall rate is different in both men and women. 

Pros of Minoxidil 

We all know that this medicine is for stop hair fall and growth of new hairs. The best time to start drug usage is the beginning of hair fall. The medicine has equipped with advantages. 

The effective result in men

The medicine is very effective for men and it provides the best result when you will start using it at the early stage of hair fall. At the age of twenty, most men have an issue of thin hair and this is the first stage of hair fall then slowly it causes baldness. The best thing is that men should use it early and get the effective result in sometimes. 

Medicine is available on the counter

To use or buy the medicine you do not require doctor prescription. Today you can easily buy Minoxidil form the local store also. It is the suggestion that before using the medicine you should consult with a primary doctor or dermatologist. In this way, you can feel secure with any kind of allergy to the body. 

Cons of Minoxidil 

We have already known that medicine always has side effects and it depends on the person taking it. The cons are not very much destructive. 

It does not work for all men

The medicine shows its perfect result when used at an early stage of hair fall. If a man already has bald medicine will not work as it will not able to grow hair. The drug affects different on all people as some men stop hair fall, some have growth of new hairs, and some medications do not work. In this way, drugs provide different results to the users. 

Applying the drug is cumbersome

Most of the time men feel very hard to apply in the scalp as it is hard to reach there. According to a study for the perfect result, men have to apply drugs twice a day. But due to this hardship, they apply only one time. In this way, it will not perfectly affect the area and will not show any results. 

Sometimes doctors prescribe to use the drug with other medications. It is due to the androgenetic. Men should use the drug for one year without any mixing or other medicine. Then you can get to know which one is working. If you will use both mixtures together then you will get confused about the result. In the time you will also explore the effective treatment of the drugs on your hair. 


Which is better foam, spray, or liquid?

Most people are using the spray as it is easy to use and does create any mess.

Does minoxidil create any side effects?

The drug does not create any serious side effects in the starting you will feel a little bit itching and dryness. 

How can I know that Minoxidil is working?

When you will start using it you will see thick and fuller hair but for this, you have to wait for 60 to 90 days. 

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