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Top Hair Care Tips TO Have Healthy Shiny, Long And Hair

Most people spend lots of money on buying expensive shampoo and other products for healthy and shiny hair. But not able to get the desired result due to which confidence level decreases. Today in the market you can explore a variety of hair care products. It doesn’t mean that all are comfortable and have an effective result. To have healthy and shiny hair shampoo is not enough as it needs more care. People have different desired regarding hair as some want long hair and some opt for short hair. Simultaneously, they want to new hairstyle every time to look beautiful. For this, they use heating tools that damage hair quality and reduces nourishment.

To make hair healthy and shiny nourishment is very important. We have brought a list through which you can make hair thick, shiny, and healthy. Instead of using branded shampoo and conditioner you should take care of it naturally. However, there is a multitude of factors affecting the sleek, strong, and shine of hair. Women love to have long hair with bouncy nature and this can be achieved when you take care of hairs. Only caring hair is not sufficient to scalp the roots of hair place also want proper care and nourishment. It is the area where roots of hair get strength.

Protection to hair

It is very important to protect hair from sun rays, rain, and wind. We all know that excessive things always damage quality and quantity. Besides, this excessive exposure of hair to sun, dirt, pollution, and heat will damage the hair nutrition which results in frizzy hair. Moreover, this also damages the scalp and directly affects the roots of hair causes fall out of hair. When you get wet hair due to rain then also you can face an issue of dry and unhealthy hair. This can also create infection on scalp and weak hair quality. You should use a hat, dupatta, and umbrella to cover hair and have proper protection.

Don’t ignore the scalp

If you are having itchiness on the scalp then it can create an issue of hair fall at large quantity. This also happens due to dryness on the scalp it means it is not getting proper nourishment which is needed. This also shows that your shampoo is not working effectively and this can’t be ignored. The issue can arise if you will ignore and sometimes it can create itchy spots that become sore. It is important to have proper food for having nourishment to hair and scalp. If the issue becomes serious then you should consult the doctor as the scalp can have an infection.

Egg treatment

Yes, this treatment will make your hair healthy and shiny. The egg is filled with protein and it helps to condition hair. This way you can also provide protein nourishment to hair without any artificial use. This treatment also helps to moisturize hair as if you have dry and brittle hair then you should use egg white. For this, you can take half a cup of egg mixture or can have only an egg white portion. Now apply it on the damp and clean hair. Once your complete applying leave it for 20 minutes and then risen using cold water. You should try this method once a week and you will notice the change within a few weeks.

Carefully deal with wet hair

We all know that wet hair gets easily break and have fragile. It is very important to deal very carefully and nicely with hair. When hair gets wet its roots become light and then it becomes to prone to sustaining damage. This happens especially with women’s hair as they have long which easily gets tangled with each other. You should not be too harsh with hairs while shampooing and combing. The starting point of breakage is from there. Even-thought you should also avoid brushing hair just immediately after having a shower. If you do not want wet hair then you can prefer to have a shower cap.

Avoid the use of hot water

We all know that during winter people prefer to have a shower with hot water. But if you want to make hair healthy and strong then you should avoid hot water to wash hair. According to studies, hot water removes the protective oil from the scalp due to which hair becomes frizzy and dry. It is the reason winters people face the issue of hair fall and dandruff. Due to this hair loses its strength and gets weak which makes easy breakage. You should wash hair with a bit warmer than the body temperature.

Have a healthy diet

With healthy scalp and hair, you can also opt for a healthy diet to provide nourishment. We know that people thinking of that diet has no relation to hair. This is not true when you eat protein food then it provides strength to hair. Protein is the building block nutrition for hair and scalp so you should in-take protein full food. According to the study, hair is preferred as non-essential tissue and our body does not send protein firstly to follicles. This way level of protein reduces and causes the issue of hair fall and dryness. If you will eat protein full food at enough quantity then it easily gets distributed among the whole body and hair gets the correct portion of protein.

Avoid tight braid of hair

This is also another reason for hair problems as tight hair easily gets breakage. You should avoid using super-tight ties for hair in contrast to this you should use scrunchies to ties them. When you tie hair with the tight band then it gets pulled towards the backside and increases friction which causes breakage issues. Even you should also avoid tight band during bed time. While you sleep hairs get tangled and frizzy can create an issue in the morning while opening. With a tight band, you have to pull hair with a comb and have breakage at large quantities. It is better to have loose braids while sleeping.

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