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How to Take Care of Your Hair during winter?

Winters is one of the perfect and coldest seasons where you get cozy and bundle up yourself in warm clothes or under the blanket. Enjoy the beauty of nature and spend some time with your family, as it is all about Christmas, bonfire night and love, enjoy the taste of scrumptious food and much more. Finally, winter is arriving. It is not only harmful to your skin however for your hair too.

You need to take care of your hair to prevent it from damage and fizziness though it is not even good for our skin as it makes your scalp itchy and dry. So be ready to prepare yourself to take care of your hair and let it be loved by you. Now let us talk about how to take care of your hair

Here we go let us discuss the ways by which you can take care of your hair:

Say goodbye to Dandruff

During the months of winter, the scalp gets itchier and drier, which can cause dandruff and makes your scalp irritated if the precaution is taken on the time you will get rid of it easily. All you have to do is Heat up the olive or coconut oil and then mix it up with lemon juice. Massage it on your scalp and let it stay for 150-20 min after that wash your hair with the suitable shampoo and condition it later.

 Shampoo your hair frequently

In winters, you need to avoid shampooing your hair every day so that you can protect your hair from dryness. Cleansing it once or twice in a week is sufficient for you. Choose the right shampoo according to your hair type. Make sure you rinse your hair without touching your scalp.

 Limit the use of heat styling tools

Less you use the equipment, more it will protect your hair from damage. The best method can use a towel to dry your hair, squeeze it gently to remove the excess moisture out, and then set your dryer on cool air. If you are using hot air temperature then try to keep your hairdryer away from you it should be at least 15 cm away from your hair as your hair won’t be damaged or any other issues make sure you limit the use of equipment like a blow dryer or curler.

 Intake a healthy diet and stay hydrated

A healthy diet is not only important for your skin but your hair too. Enrich your diet full of vitamins so that it will make your scalp and hair healthier and strong. Also, drink lots of water to make your scalp and hair hydrated.

 Let your hair feel bouncy and shiny

In winter, your scalp lacks lots of moisture to prevent your hair from fizziness, comb your hair to avoid tangles. moreover, apply raw honey on length of your hair from root to tips and cover your hair with a towel then let it stay for 20-25 min and rinse it off with lukewarm then see the miracle. Honey preserves the moisture and seals it. It brings back the shine and makes it feel bouncy.

 Get Your Hair Trim

To Prevent Split ends, it has become necessary to get your hair trim whether your hair is long or short. Get it done for six to eight weeks. This will also end brittle and hair dry. This will make your hair healthy and promotes hair growth. As it is a season about partying and weddings this will give you a ravishing look.

 Importance of Hair Conditioner

Whenever you wash off your hair, apply a suitable conditioner according to your hair type. Apply it on tip not on your scalp so that you can prevent it from dryness and breakage. This will provide shine to your hair and make it silky smooth.

Prep for Pre Shampooing

Before shampooing and wash, it off with lukewarm water make sure you have massaged your hair well with a natural oil before you take a shower later rinse your hair with lukewarm water as this will protect your hair from losing moisture.

Don’t Step out with Wet Hair

Take the extra time to dry. Do not try to step out with wet hair else, it will lead to hair breakage or many issues. Usually in winter, it takes time to dry your hair it is to be advised to you all that let your hair dry naturally instead of using hair tools.

Cover Your Hair with hat or scarf

To protect your hair from any kind of issue you should cover your hair with a scarf or hat thus, make sure that you don’t wear a tight ponytail as this will restrict the circulation of scalp.

Intake Vitamin C

Vitamin C will protect your hair from breakage or split ends due to antioxidants present in it. Moreover, this will make your hair look healthy and voluminous. Try to eat lots of citrus fruits like orange, green leafy vegetables and also you can take supplements if you want.

Ditch Your Hair Spa expenses

Apply Honey on your hair and cover it up with a towel later rinse it with lukewarm water as this will help to regain bounce. Make it a frizz-free so that it can give you the smooth touch and this excellent formula does some wonders and you can trick up at night.


To sum up, this states that Heat can make your hair damage thus to avoid it try to use it less so that it won’t promote breakage. Secondly In winters applying olive oil onto your head may surprise you with the amazing result and this will help to reduce dandruff, which gives rise to hair fall. Keep yourself hydrated and eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits, which contains vitamin C. Meanwhile you can avoid unnecessary expenses, as honey will give you that bouncy and shiny look. This will not only make your hair healthy also your skin.    

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