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Amazing Tips For Giving Your Spouse The Hot Massage

If you want to offer an amazing nightlife in the same location then massage is the best option. This way you can provide relax moment to your partner with sensual feeling. We all know that all people enjoy their lovemaking life but to make it more excited and deep. You can try for sensual and hot massage for a different feeling. Massage from a partner creates a unique environment and it is about receiving love from a partner.

A good massage makes you feel deep orgasmic with proper care. Even you can also offer this as a surprise on anniversary or birthday. This way you can make the day unforgettable for a spouse. We have brought some tips through which you provide an amazing night with a top-class massage.

Set the scene

Firstly, you have to make an ambiance just like a spa at home. This way feeling gets more exhaustive and deep. Half relaxation is avail with the beautiful and aroma environment. For this, you should make sure that the room should be properly clean. For decorating room use fragrance candles and remove all distractions from room. For a more romantic moment, you can play soft and ambient music. A massage bed should be covered with a soft blanket and can also use a pillow for relaxing the head.

Prepare oil for massage

Another you have to prepare oil for massage as you can purchase it from the market or prepare at home with natural ingredients. This way you can prepare oil with partner favorite aroma and thing. However, this will increase the excitement of the moment and love. Oil should be comfortable warm so before pouring checks it otherwise it will ruin the whole environment. Before applying oil you should finely rub the oil between both palms. This way you can prepare all the things very soothing and comfortable.

Face massage

For instance love, you can start with the face and on the face, you have to use two fingers of both hands. Now slowly-slowly press your spouse temples simultaneously for few seconds. After relaxing that part slowly brings your fingers downwards to the cheeks. Now make small circular on their cheeks for several seconds. Then comes towards the jaw and with the use of index finger softly trace around the lips.  Outer sides of the lips are packed with sensory neurons that need to be pressured slowly.

The front of the neck

After the face, it is the turn of the neck for stimulating the thyroid for proper body functioning with a tiny neck gland. The massage of the neck also offers energy and sex drive to the body. This will offer top-level of energy to the body during lovemaking. You should start the massage with tracing of circles around the partner Adam apple and using one fingertip massage for wide of fluid motion. To increase intense use lips along their throat hollow and use the tongue for massaging by forming soft circles.

The lower back

It is said that the kidney located at the lower back on the right side is the main source of sexual energy. Before starting massage you should explore triangular bone at the base of the spine between hips. It is the area where you have to knead your palms and there you will also explore little holes with nerve endings. Through this massage, you can generate heat and warm at the place and offer firm pressure to increases energy levels. Massage will automatically grow deep love between both of you.


Massaging the inner part of palms offers an astounding and exciting feeling. This also offers a smooth touch to the body while making love. Firstly, you have to start with the outer side of the palm and use finger pads to massage. Then slowly move towards the center of palms as it is a more sensitive place. So here you should offer smooth and slow massage for building grip. After this move fingers up and down the place of palm connected with the hands.

The stomach

Massage on the stomach will bring relax and deep feelings to the love life. This should start with the tapping of two fingers from naval to the base of genitalia. This will provide you partner with a  strong feeling of sexual activity. After this make circles starting from the belly button and use your fingertips for a smooth feel. When you will slowly move towards the abdomen make circles bigger. Here you must control the speed rate and pressure. Avoid tickling to him as you are providing massage not laugh.

Behind knees

We all know that skin present behind the knees is very thin and very much sensitive. Here you will need to give massage smoothly. Firstly, ask your spouse to lie over the stomach side and now you should gently press and scratch behind of knees. This type of massage will be brought heat to the skin and a strong feeling of love. Once it gets heat-up now use your tongue and move it in the fourth circle the crevice.

Under the ankle

Massage under the dip under the ankle provides supers hot feeling. The correct position to massage is halfway between ankle bone and heel. This point also is known as no-name and while stimulating the point your partner would start feeling very hot and strong for lovemaking. This message will need two fingers of yours and move them downwards from the ankle bone to hollow above the heel. To increase sensual feeling you can lick the place in up and down the way.

Soles of feet

Massage of the area using thumbs by moving them into the circular direction for rubbing the pad. On feet, there is a direct line from feet to the erogenous point of the body.  Here you can easily use strong pressure as slow can tickle him. To add erotic in the massage you can have a small and soft kiss on the area.

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